New Mexico Elopement Photographer

Capturing your UNIQUE love

Hello, and welcome to the start of your next adventure! I am stoked that you are here and look forward to getting to know you two and planning something epic with you. Getting to know the two of you, your relationship, and what you like to do together is so important. I do not want to be some random vendor you hired that just shows up. Your day can be whatever you want, and it should be. I am here to document the most important moments of your lives together, and so much more. I will be your hype woman, your guide, your witness, your dog wrangler, and anything else you need. Planning an elopement can seem overwhelming, but don't worry I will help you every step of the way! 

“Capturing your unique love.” What does that mean? Every love story and relationship is unique, and that is what I am here to show you. Whether you are a super adventurous couple, or super chill. Those little moments matter and make your relationship what it is. 

If you are not planning to elope in New Mexico, good news! I love traveling. The desert is a beautiful backdrop for an elopement. I am here to help you find the perfect spot to say your vows, have your first look, take portraits or grab some pizza. Anything you need, I am here to make your elopement perfect. Let’s chat and see what I can do for you! 

I am Crystal Cousin

An eloper helping the eloping. 

Your day deserves to be 100% about the two of you and your love. Nobody’s opinion on what you should do matters, and that is something I learned when I eloped. Yep, my husband and I eloped shortly after moving to Albuquerque in 2018! The whole idea and experience of eloping was new to me at the time; I had never even met anyone who eloped.

When I moved to New Mexico, the intention was to go full time working with couples and elopements. That happened! Though, it wasn’t until after our elopement that I really felt super passionate for them.  I specialize in elopements and intimate weddings for a reason; I love and can relate to them. Large weddings are totally fine, as long as that is what the couple wants, but I cannot relate to them. Therefore, I am not the right fit for a couple having a large wedding and that is okay!

I am here to help my couples plan a perfect day together that is beautiful and unique to them.

True artistic talent!

Crystal GENUINELY cares about you, and will do everything to give you the best experience and pictures!

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