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Amazon is a great place to consider for your wedding registry. Everything can either be shipped to the buyer or the couple, so the guest doesn’t have to bring the gift to the wedding with them. It is great if someone cannot make it but they still want to send something. Get started with your free Amazon Wedding Registry here.

Another great feature about the Amazon registry is that you can see who bought what. So, for instance, if something gets sent with no note then you can just look on your account and send the right person a thank you card.

Also, don’t forget Amazon has EVERYTHING you could possibly want. It is a great option if you want all your registry items in one place. Amazon Prime is my favorite! I love how fast the shipping is, plus I can rely on free returns if something comes damaged or not as expected.

bride and groom walking together wedding registry ideas

So let’s get started with picking what you want for your registry! The easiest way to start is to go by room in your house.

It is a good idea to have a wide range of price options because everybody is going to have a different budget when shopping for you. Also, don’t be scared to throw in a few items that are a little pricey, you never know! I will give you a couple ideas per room to start with that are a variety of prices, so I hope this helps get you thinking about what you will want on your list.

bride and groom walking together


If the two of you are moving in together for the first time you may want to get a new set of bedroom furniture. Or if you are living together already but just have a random mix of what you both had before, this is a great excuse to get a nice new matching set!

The great thing is that you can put each item separate so not one person has to buy the whole bedroom set if you are looking for that.


Everybody can use a nice new set of towels. This is probably one of the most common items for a couple to put on their wedding registry and there is nothing wrong with that! There are also so many cute counter top products to look for to find your style such as toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, and makeup caddies.

Living Room

Whether it is a new couch, side table, or simply a plant to accent your living room, this room can be one that is easily forgotten when putting together your wedding registry. Nobody is going to bring a chair to your wedding that they bought for your registry, but that is why Amazon is awesome because they can just have it shipped to you!

Kitchen & Dining

Let’s face it, your kitchen is probably the room with the most mixed matched sets of things that you have had forever. There is such a wide variety of prices for items to update your kitchen with, so your friends and family will have many options to choose from.


Not everybody has a need for a home office or even a desk for that matter but this is one room that can give you a lot of lower priced items for your guests to pick from. Decorating your desk space with functional and cute items is not something to forget about!


Garden tools and patio furniture are an awesome option for your wedding registry. But again, nobody is going to want to bring a rake to your wedding reception! Whether you are planning to buy a new house together with a yard, or is you just have a small porch with some plants, outdoor tools and decor are a great gift option!


Getting ready for your honeymoon can be so exciting, why not get some new gear to travel in style?! These gifts would be best for your guest to send before your wedding if you plan to leave right away, or an idea for a bridal shower.

I hope that these Amazon Wedding Registry Ideas helped you out with getting your registry started, it can be overwhelming! You are getting married and there is nothing wrong with wanting to make your house feel more like home for this new chapter of your life!

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