20 Must Have Dog Parent Products

Having 3 dogs with undercoats took us a while to be able to control the fur in our house. Not to mention the other behaviors that come with these dogs! We didn’t have a good vacuum for a while, which was a game changer when we actually found one that worked. They are destructive so we went through many crates, even Kong ones would get destroyed. Not to mention any Kong toy would get chewed up in a day easily! They are all pullers so finding a good harness was a necessity for us. Here are 20 Must Have Dog Parent Products on Amazon that I have used personally.

When I started making this list, I was thinking “oh yeah I could share like the 10 things we use, or have used, with our dogs and it ended up being 20 easy! I am going to start out with vacuums, but I promise that is not all I have to share!

1 – Bissell Pet Hair Eraser – Upright Vacuum 

This machine is the game changer that I was talking about! We got this a couple years ago and we have never used anything like it before. We can do one round of it on carpet and it gets almost everything. Past vacuums we have used, we would go over the same carpet several times and it was never really hair-free. This thing is pretty loud and heavy so it may not be very ideal if you have your kids vacuum. If you have Huskies, Malamutes, German Shepards or anything with an under coat, this will not disappoint.

We also use this on the “bare floor setting” when we are vacuuming our hard floor and carpet, so it really gets everything up. If you have a fluffier carpet then one notch up would probably be best. The hose is also pretty strong too and I even use that in our car.

Pet hair vacuum on Amazon

2 – Bissell Pet Hair Eraser – Handheld Vacuum

This is the handheld version of the above vacuum and it works just as well. We primarily use it on our couch and furniture and it is pretty strong and pulls off all the hair. This is another loud machine, so using it while your pets are not around would be best if they are skittish.

I believe that it says it is made to use for the car, though I have not had a good experience with using it for the car. There could be a certain attachment that we could get to help. Fur on the carpet in cars is so tough to get off, so I tend to use tape.

Handhelp pet hair vacuum on amazon

3 – iRobot Roomba 890

We finally did it, we got a robot about a year ago! I had been pretty skeptical of these but thought it would be so nice to help keep our floors as clean as they can between sweeps/vacuums. A friend of mine has a husky and a malamute and I saw that they had an iRobot. They said it works great when they set it off once a day while they are gone, yay. Having the types of dogs that we do, we had to spend a little more and get the real deal rather than a cheaper version, but it really was worth it!. The little parts inside have to be cleaned up somewhat often, but I notice that my hairs will be wrapped around it, so I cannot blame that fully on the dog fur.

This is definitely a good option if you have excessive dog hair in your home. Just make sure you get one of the iRobot ones as I have heard the other brands are not as durable. I believe this specific one we got is for pet hair too.

irobot vacuum for pet hair

4 – Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Okay, last vacuum, I swear! We do not use this one anymore but we loved it where we use to live. I had found this on Amazon during their Cyber Monday sale for $30; I believe it is normally $50 or $70. It is meant for pet hair on hard floors though and it really worked! Our dogs would bring in a lot of dirt and it was really good at picking up all those fine pieces which was awesome.

Some of the reviews complain that it is loud, which it is, but it has a very strong suction; I would not expect it to be quiet. Onces we moved and had our big vacuum we decided to get rid of this one because we really didn’t need that many vacuums in our house. Though, it is really a great item if you have a lot of hard floors.

hard floor pet hair vacuum

5 – Furbo Dog Camera

We love having our Furbo. We did not have a crate for our dogs for a couple months, so we liked being able to check in on them. Now they are crated when we are out of the house, but it is still great to be able to see if anything is wrong.

It is also nice to have a camera, so when we have someone watching our dogs while we are out of town, they know that we can see what is going on. We did have one terrible dog sitter one time, though we don’t look in on them normally, we kept getting barking alerts. When we checked in she was lying about being there and was being mean to our dog. We were really happy that we were able to catch her so we knew not to hire her again!

There is a feature where you can throw a treat to your dog, and that did not last long for us. The first time we used it they decided to knock the whole thing over and eat all the treats!

furbo dog camera pet products

6 – Microfiber Towels

We LOVE these towels! Whenever our dogs get wet either from a bath or playing in the rain it takes so long for them to dry. We have 3 of these microfiber ones now, and they are smaller than I thought they would be but they work so well! We never need to use more than one per dog and they really soak up the water from them.

Since they are small it is nice for storing, so the dog towels are not taking up so much room. These were definitely a game changer for us too, and I wish we had them when we lived in Florida!

microfiber towels for dogs

7 – Microfiber Dog Robe

This one may seem silly, but these are awesome. We use them to wrap our dogs up after we use the microfiber towels to help them dry faster. It also helps to make sure they don’t get the chills while they are drying. They stay on very well too because it just slips over there head and you can tie them up at the waist. The photo below does not show the tie, but there is one just like a human robe.

None of our dogs seem to really mind when they are on, and they dry pretty fast with them. They are also great so the dogs can lay on stuff while they are drying without getting that wet too. These robes + the towels are all you really need for drying fluffy dogs!

microfiber dog robe pet product

8 – Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Brush

This brush was probably the first thing I got when I got my first dog and we still use it. 2 out of 3 of our dogs would be scared of the blowers that help with the undercoat. So this brush works is our best option. It does take time, and our dogs cannot sit still for long so I will just do a little bit at a time to help with the shedding.

It even works well on our shorter haired Shepard/Pit. He has an under coat even though his hair is shorter and he LOVES being brushed. He will sit there all day being brushed if he could. Though, he does not need it nearly as much as our huskies!

furminator dog brush for furry animals

9 – Car Seat Cover

This seat over is great and can fit in any car. We used it for the first time when we moved from Florida to New Mexico with our dogs. I think if you have a sedan there would be a lot of extra material; we used ours in our 4runner. I think it is better to be too big than too small! It worked really well as a barrier between them and the front seats too. Even though they were buckled it, it stopped them from wanting to come up front.

dog seat cover pet products

10 – Dog Seat Belt

Seat belts are a must when you travel with your dogs; for safety in case a collision happens, and it helps keep then from jumping into the drivers seat. The ones that we have had a disclaimer not to use them in a Volvo, not sure why! The best way to use them is with a harness, not a collar, so if an accident did happen they are not being pulled by their neck.

dog seat belts for safety

11 – No-Slip Collar

When I had my first dog she just had a normal collar and learned quickly how to back out of it when she was a puppy. When I rescued dog #2, the rescue had us buy either a no-slip collar or a harness. We have this collar for all of our dogs which is great, though we use harnesses when we walk them. If they were ever to escape it is nice to know they have a collar that they will not be able to slip out of if their harness is not on.

no slip dog collar on amazon

12 – Front Hook Harness

Harnesses with a hook on the front are amazing for walking strong pullers. It helps to make them slow down because it turns them around if they pull too much. Even ones with just a back hook give you a lot more control over your dog vs walking them with a collar. Our dogs get pretty excited when we leash them. With the harness they are not pulling us and they are not choking themselves.

front pull dog harness

13 – Bungee Leash

This bungee leash is really good for pullers too and has a couple features that we love. There are 2 places to hold onto, one is at the end like any leash, but it also has a loop closer to where your dog is to grab for more security when another dog or person is walking by. The bungee in the middle helps absorb the shock when your dog decided to pull which is easier on them and you. There is also a seat belt to use in the car and a hook in the middle to hook them closer to the seat in the car. I also use the middle hook to hold a water bottle when we walk.

bungee seat belt dog leash product

14 – On the Go Water Bottle

Having one of these doggy water bottles is great for walks and hikes when it is hot outside. There are a few different styles for these water bottles, but I really like the ones with the bowl at the top because they are a little less messy.

on the go water bottle for dogs

15 – Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

These bowls are great for dogs who eat a little too fast, we have one of those dogs! These make it harder for them to just swallow their meal whole, which can be dangerous. Our Shepard who has one of these is not the biggest fan of it, and he still will eat fast, but not as fast as he use to. He eats more than our huskies, but he would finish eating in half the time. He would also cough during eating, so we had to get him one of these for safety!

slow feeder dog bowl on amazon

16 – Refilling Outdoor Water Bowl

We use to have wood floors where we lived and our dogs make a mess when they drink, so we kept the water outside. We got one of these bowls that you hook up to a hose so it is always full. These bowls need to be cleaned more often than a water bowl indoors, but it is a great solution to not having to fill up a big water jug and lug it outside.

outdoor refilling dog bowl

17 – Pressure Gates

These gates do not require any drilling or anything. They can be removed and put anywhere with no damage to walls or door frames. This specific one is extra tall which is helpful for dogs who jump, though or Shepard still will jump over this one! We use the gates to block off rooms or hallways that we don’t want them in.

pressure baby gate for dogs

18 – Kong Extreme Dog Toys

Kong is known to be super durable, but as I said previously, my dogs can rip through a new toy within a day! The only ones they have trouble with chewing up that quickly are the “Extrerme” toys; which are any of the black ones Kong makes rather than the red. We get those for them when we do buy something like that and they last much longer! Kong does have a 30 day warranty so if the toy gets chewed up within 30 days they will send you a new one once.

kong extreme dog toys for destructive chewers

19 – Large Dog Ropes

These ropes are one of the few toys that last us forever. The dogs love to play tug of war with them and they do not chew on them much. They don’t last forever but they are very durable. We have found that ones that come with a rubber ball that the rope goes through makes the dogs chew that kind more. So the super thick ropes with thick knots are what we go for.

large dog toy ropes dog parent products

20 – Large Toy Ball with Handle

This ball is one our dogs favorite things in the entire world; it is about the size of a basketball with a handle. She loves swinging it around at the handle, and will play by herself with it. She will come up to us with it so we can kick it for her which it is still in her mouth; no idea why but she loves that! None of our other dogs care for the thing but she LOVES it so I had to add it on here.

We cut a slit in it because it only had one hole on the bottom to let air in and out, which I have seen horror stories of dogs playing with those types of toys and getting their tongue suctioned to it. I don’t think a dog could do that with a ball this size, but we wanted to be safe.

must have jolly ball dog toy

That is it, 20 Dog Parent Products that we absolutely love is our home! As I said, I am sure I could add more but some of these items were ones we never knew about for years of having dogs, and just could not live without them anymore. I hope this helps those of you with extra fluffy pups or even extra destructive ones! Let me know what your favorite dog items are that I missed!

See my crazy pups who inspired this list below! (Koba, Calypso, and Dexter below!)

Love Amazon as much as I do? Check out 15 Zero Waste Items on Amazon to help reduce the amount of plastic you waste in your home. This article contains affiliate links. I only recommend products and brands that I personally love and use for myself.

two Siberian huskies walking together

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