13 Amazon Wedding Dresses Under $250

Your wedding dress does not need to be a $2,000 dress from a big designer at a fancy boutique. There are a lot of more affordable options for wedding dresses including online shops that are becoming more popular for brides, and even regular stores that sell nice maxi dresses such as these 13 Amazon Wedding Dresses Under $250.

The key to shopping on amazon is looking at reviews and customer images to see how real the product descriptions and images are on the listing! Amazon and it’s sellers are pretty ethical 99% of the time so even if you order a dress and it is just not what you want, they are very good about working with you to return it.

1 – Bohemian Wedding Dress with Detachable Arm Bands – under $250 + prime

This beautiful dress has such a unique lace pattern and the optional armbands are so cute! I love how elegant but bohemian the style and shape is on this dress. The reviews for this dress are almost all 4-5 starts, with over 50 reviews, and the customer images show that it does actually look like the pictures they use for the product images. The main product images does not show the train in all it’s glory, yes it has a train and it is stunning!

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

2 – Bohemian Wedding Dress Short Sleeve V Neck  – under $120

The style of this dress is so delicate and timeless. It also has 3 color options to choose from (ivory, ivory/champagne, and white) which you can see the difference in the customer reviews. Many reviews say this dress is true to size or that it runs a bit large, and some people ordered a size bigger with the intention to have it altered to fit them perfectly. I think the price on this dress is really good, especially for it to have a train and lace. There are almost 20 reviews for this dress which are all helpful to get an idea of the sizing and color differences. 

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

3 – Long Sleeve Beach Wedding Dress – under $200

Long sleeves and an open back always get me! I love the detail of having lace on a long sleeved dress and this one is beautiful The low back is also stunning, though some of the reviews stated that it needed to be altered in that area which is common for that style of dress. There are only 10-15 reviews and all but 1 of them are 4-5 stars. There is also only one customer image but that and the detailed reviews are helpful to let you know what to expect if you choose to buy this dress. There are also four color options to pick from which are light champagne, white 1, ivory, and white. 

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

4 – V Neck Lace Backless Long Sleeve Boho White Maxi Dress – under $50 + prime

This one is the first one that is not advertised as a “wedding dress” but it totally could be! I have actually shot this dress before (see below) and it is very cute in person and great quality. As some of the reviews say it does run a bit big, and having a v in the front and back makes it likely that it may need to be altered, depending on your body type, so it fits you perfect for your wedding. If you were getting it just to wear to a party then you could find a good enough fit, but for your wedding you want it to be exactly your size, which would not take much to alter.

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

5 – Bohemian Drawstring Waist White Maxi Dress – under $50 + prime

This is another one that is not a “wedding dress” but again, it easily could be. I think it is such a unique style and it has a lot of reviews, over 300, and customer images so you can get a good idea of what it really looks like. Many of the customer images show that this dress has been used for a lot of photo shoots, including weddings, so those can give you a good idea of the potential this dress has! Many people did say that it was a bit see-through so I would just expect to have to wear a slip under it. 

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

6 – V-Neck Lace Bohemian Wedding Dress – under $150 + prime

This dress style is a little more classic for you boho brides that don’t want to go too crazy with the style. I think the lace looks really beautiful and delicate on this style of dress, and it comes in four colors (white, ivory, white L, and ivory L) though I am not 100% sure what those color differences are. There are over 50 reviews to look over and many customer images, including many that are from the customers actual wedding. It also shows that this dress has a train, though some of the photos from customers it looks a lot longer than others, so maybe that is the difference between white and white L? Not sure! 

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

7 – Long Sleeve Lace Chiffon Maxi Formal Evening Dress – under $55 + prime

I was surprised to see so many of the customer images were of them using this dress as a wedding dress, almost all of them were. This is a beautiful classic style with long sleeves that look like they fit well on all of the customers who posted photos. There are almost 100 reviews on this dress which are mixed between 1-5 stars but there are still many happy (bridal) customers. The price on this dress and the fact that it is prime is a win win, it looks to be high quality despite it being around only $50.

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

8 – V-Neck A-line Lace Tulle Long Beach Wedding Dress– under $150

This is the first tulle dress in the list, and I think it is stunning! The style is quite unique and the lace seems to be nice quality. There are not color options, but there are different style options which is a little confusing when sellers do this on amazon because the reviews are not all for the specific one you are looking at. Though, there are almost 150 reviews and many customer images to look at. It does look like this style comes in pink which could be fun if you are looking for an alternative to a white or ivory dress. 

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

9 – V-Neckline Tulle and Lace Wedding Dress with Sweep Train – under $125

This dress is a little more of a classic wedding dress vs a boho style but the train and lace look really impressive to me for the price so I had to include this one. There are quite a few customer images that show what the lace truly looks like in person which is helpful. I think the customer images make it seem a little less quality lace than the product image depicts, but it would be worth looking into! There are over 30 ratings and none of them are a 1 star which is very rare. There is also an option to get it with long sleeves. 

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

10 – A Line Chiffon Formal Evening Dress– under $100 + prime

Another evening/maxi dress that can easily be used as a wedding dress. I think this style is really beautiful, sadly there is only 1 customer image to get a good idea of what it really looks like. The color on this dress seems to be really white though! Many wedding dresses that are “white” are still a little less bright than what this one seems to be. According to the reviews, the mesh on top is actually white instead of nude which is a little misleading, so if you go to try this dress be aware of that! 

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

11 – Boho V-Neck Long Sleeves Chiffon Bridal Gown – under $110

The sleeves on this dress are so amazing! It does have quite a deep V so if that is not your style but you love the rest of it, that can be easily altered! The reviews are a little confusing to me, there are almost as many 1-star reviews as there are 5-star, but even the 1-star ones say it was well made and they had a good experience. I think this dress runs small which is what was making people give lower reviews so make sure you order larger and then you can always have it altered to how you want it.

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

12  – White Temple Dress – under $100 + prime

This dress has quite a unique lace pattern, there are actually 3 different laces that you can pick from, not sure if the style of the dress varies with them though. I think is it a very modest and classic style, plus there are pockets you guys, you can have pockets on your wedding dress! There are over 50 reviews and a few customer images that are almost all positive. A lot of people said it runs long, but that can always be fixed, or you can use it to make it look like it has a train!

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

13 – Women’s Vintage Lace Off-The-Shoulder Beach Wedding Dress – under $125

This off the shoulder dress is a bit different from the others, and I am not complaining! It comes in both ivory and white, and there are by far a lot more 5-star reviews than anything else. The few customer images that there are show you that the quality is pretty good for the price and most of the photos are from the customers wedding. I think this style fits well on certain body types vs others, but that is the way it works for most styles of any clothing. The sizing on the dress seems to be a bit off, so I would look at the customer reviews before picking your size.

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

I hope these Amazon Wedding Dresses Under $250 helped you out to find your perfect budget weddings dress, or to help you if you are still in the beginning stages of how to go about it! Dresses do not have to be a huge part of your budget if that is not your biggest priority, and I have a lot more insight on this topic other than Amazon dresses. 

Check out my blog post 10 Lulus Wedding Dresses for Under $100 for more ideas! Keep your eyes out for more wedding dress posts that I have in the works, including alternative colored dresses and low budget wedding dresses that are from other places than Amazon.

Cheers friends, and happy planning!

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