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couple holding each other on the couch - facetime photo shoot

As you know, COVID-19 has changed the way everyone’s lives run. Some people are out of work, some are working from home, and some are still on the same work routine but in a more dangerous setting. Have you thought of doing FaceTime photo shoots?

Small business owners, such as myself are going through a situation that we never had planned on, or even could imagine something like this happening. Not being able to go out an create beautiful images with my couples is so different; I cannot wait to get back to the norm!

While we are stuck at home it can be hard to stay motivated and creative, but there are options! FaceTime photo shoots are not something that will last, but while we are in quarantine it is our only option.

Couples are bored and trying to stay busy by remodeling their homes, playing games, and going on walks; all the stuff they did not have as much time for before all of this. Getting them on the phone to take some pictures is very different and fun for them, and me! I love being able to give them something that they will have to look back on to remember this time when life goes back to normal.

facetime photoshoot with dog. couple on couch with dog

Here is how it works!

-You both need an iphone or ipad to do the factime call on.

-You both need to make sure that you go to your Settings > FaceTime > FaceTime Live Photos (on)

-There will be a camera button on the bottom left of your FaceTime call so the photographer can take a photo. It will be a Live photo of who you are talking to without any buttons or anything in the way.

-Tell the couple where to prop up their device and then pose them where you want them; preferably in very well lit area.

-Take the picture!

-It only takes live photos, so if there is movement then you could have a couple photos from just 1 image.

-You can pick your “key photo” from the live image; edit > live icon > select your key photo.

-Open up your images in Lightroom mobile, or whatever software you want to use, edit and send them back to your couple!


-Both parties having good internet makes a huge difference, or at least one of you. My first attempt at this did not come out as clear because we both had bad internet. My second time was a lot better quality because the couple had a better service.

-Try to not have any other device in either home on that is connected or using the internet. If someone is online playing a game that is going to make your call less quality.

-Use a lot of natural light. Even if the internet is not the best, natural sunlight coming in will make your camera happier and it won’t have to work as hard for a good photo.

-Test to see which camera is better, I believe it can vary depending on which phone you have. I have found that the front camera tends to be better on quality FaceTime call.

-Have fun! The images may not come out super clear every time, but you did your best and everyone had a new experience.

couple sitting in their living room together during quarantine

Find me on Instagram or contact me here if you want to try one of these FaceTime photo shoots!

facetime photo shoots

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