Reducing Plastic Waste In Your Bathroom Routine

Starting to live a plastic free life can be overwhelming, but it can help the planet so much. You can start by reducing plastic waste in your bathroom routine with these helpful products and tips!

1 – Bamboo Toothbrushes

Replacing your pack of plastic toothbrushes with these bamboo ones is a great way to start your plastic free journey! Before we made the switch, I always saved our old toothbrushes for cleaning grout and such to get the most use out of them too.

2 – Safety Razor

I made the switch to my safety razor a couple of weeks ago when I ran out of my plastic razor heads. It is not scary, though I was nervous at first! Watching some videos and reading the instructions was very helpful, and have yet to cut myself, yay! The blades are SO cheap too, so it is a win win. They also have men’s and women’s versions, so if you are a woman, just make sure you get the one with a longer handle!

plastic free safety razor

3 – Reusable Makeup Wipes

I was skeptical of these makeup wipes at first, I figured they wouldn’t really wash well, but I was wrong. For months I have been using these now, I typically don’t wear a full face of makeup since I work from home. I use one side of these washable wipes each night and they work! I run out and have to wash them every month or less, and they wash practically back to new every time!

4 – Bar Soap

This may seem like an obvious one, but using bar soap instead of bottled soap will save a lot of plastic! I have an amazing local soap shop called Lillie’s Handmade Soaps in Old Town Albuquerque that I get all my hand soap at (I love to support small businesses). They have the best scents (and they ship), my favorites are ‘sweet almond spice’ and ‘heavenly honey’. Most bar soap options come in plastic free packaging even at major retail stores.

5 – Bamboo Cotton Swabs

Even though cotton swabs have a little amount of plastic on each one, it adds up! Switching to bamboo or cardboard swabs is so easy because they are exactly the same, just no plastic.

6 – Plastic Free Shampoo and Conditioner

This one is not possible for everyone depending on where you live. Refilling your shampoo and conditioner bottles is another great way to save on a lot of plastic. Replenish Co. in Albuquerque is a service that rotates out their glass or aluminum containers with you and fills a new one up with whatever you need (including shampoo and conditioner); and they deliver!

In Santa Fe there is a shop called Soap Refill Station and you bring in your containers to refill just about anything and they just charge per oz of liquid. Finding a place near you where they do this can be a great way to reuse your plastic containers.

Bar shampoo and conditioner is also another alternative to buying in plastic containers (though it may take some getting use to).

7 – Send Your Old (Cleaned) Mascara Brushes to Help Animals

Did you know if you save and clean your mascara brushes you can send them to Wands For Wildlife where they can use them to clean animals? I don’t go through mascara fast, but I always save them to send so they can be reused. This is not a way to live a plastic free mascara life, but it is a good way to reuse!

8 – Plastic Free Toothpaste

Toothpaste tablets? Sounds weird! Plastic toothpaste tubes are easy to go through quickly and use a lot of plastic! There are a couple options to consider when switching to plastic free toothpaste, including aluminum tubes, glass jars and tablets.

I hope these tips can help you start reducing plastic waste in your bathroom routine! If you are interested in more ideas on how to reduce plastic in your life, check out these 15 Zero Waste Items on Amazon. Let me know how you live a plastic free life! This article contains affiliate links. I only recommend products and brands that I personally love and use for myself.

plastic free bathroom products

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