My Elopement Photography Editing Setup

A photographers editing station is as important as their camera setup. We spend more time at our desks than behind the camera, so being comfortable and functional is essential. My elopement photography editing setup has always slightly changed here and there to find the perfect system. Currently I am so happy with how easy my desk flow makes editing.

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The Electronics

Dell XPS Laptop

The laptop or computer you have as a photographer is so important. I have always had Dell XPS laptops and have no complaints, they are great machines! I recently got the newest version because my husband needed a new computer, so he got my old one! My old (7th gen Intel) was still perfectly fine, and he plays WOW on it with no problems. For what I do, I always get the highest RAM and memory so everything I do in Adobe runs smoothly.

I know a lot of photographers and graphic designers use Macs and that is totally fine. I am just a PC girl and will always recommend what I know and trust.

Dell 25″ Monitor

When editing on a laptop, the biggest struggle is the screen size. I love using a laptop because they are portable, but whenever I am home, I am using this screen. I avoid editing anywhere else, but when I HAVE to it makes me remember how much I love my monitor.

Not every monitor is going to be ideal for a photographer. When I was choosing mine I did SO much research. I wanted a decent size and also one that had excellent color representation for editing. I also love how it can be raised/lowered to be at the exact height that I need.

Wacom Tablet

I could not live without my tablet! Personally, the medium sized Wacom tablet is ideal for me. I have worked on the small and large version before and I could never get use to them. When editing, especially using a brush or mask, these tablets are a dream. One warning, they will make you spoiled. If I ever have to only use my mouse for editing it takes me so much longer.

If you have never used a tablet like this before, I highly recommend giving it a shot. There is a learning curve, but you will get it. I actually first used one that was the small size and hated it. Once I tried out the medium for the first time I understood why people love these things!

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The Little Things


My desk isn’t anything fancy but it is perfectly functional for me. I have a L-shaped desk that is not too bulky. Buying something like this on Amazon can be a hit or miss, and this one was a hit for me. I have enough room for my laptop, monitor and Wacom on the longer side and I have my mouse and the little shelf it comes with on the shorter (right) side.

I really like my desk because it is customizable. you can have the L go in either direction and also move the shelf around wherever it works best. The foot rest at the bottom is also used a lot, the angle is perfect.

Monitor Stand

As mentioned above, the monitor I have can be raised and lowered. The only reason I have a stand is so I can utilize space better. My desk is not very deep so If I had both the laptop and monitor on it I would have no room for the Wacom. I have my monitor on the stand and the Wacom in front of it which can also be slid under to be out of the way when needed.

This set up was not my original plan, but once I had everything I got it to work surprisingly well. Everything is in a perfect spot for me to work and is super functional.

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Blue Light Glasses

I had originally gotten blue light glasses before I bought my monitor. I always found myself slowly leaning in to my laptop because the screen is so small and hated how close I would get. These glasses are supposed to help your eyes when you are sitting in front of a screen all the time. When I got my monitor I stopped leaning in, but it is still a large screen right in front of your face so I love these glasses!

Posture Corrector

If you work at a desk all day, you might also suffer from a sore back/shoulders. I don’t always wear my posture corrector but I do when necessary. Days that I know I will be hunched at my desk for a long time, I wear it. If I forgot to wear it one of those days, it is a must the next day! This is something that I never used at my old job, but am so happy I tried it. I was even skeptical at first, and after trying it for the first time I wish I had gotten one sooner.

My elopement photography editing setup is not just about the gear. Preventing future problems is really important, which is the main reason for this and the blue light glasses!

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My elopement photography editing setup is perfect for my workflow. Everyone’s station is unique to them and I hope my recommendations and tips can help you. I would love to hear what your setup is like. Let me know below if we have anything in common or if I missed anything crucial!

If you are interested in the gear I use for shooting check out What’s In My Bag. Also, see these 5 Resources I Could Not Run My Business Without. This article contains affiliate links. I only recommend products and brands that I personally love and use for myself and business.

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