Gift Ideas For The Photographer In Your Life

If you are stuck wondering what to get for your partner, friend or relative who is a photographer, this is for you! Shopping for photography gear can be overwhelming. You don’t necessarily know what they already have or what they are wanting when it comes to gear. Plus, that stuff is pricey! I have put together a list of fun accessories that they are going to love. Keep reading to see these gift ideas for the photographer in your life.

Custom Camera Strap

This one might sound obvious, but a new camera strap is such a cute idea. Whether you think they would like a custom leather strap or even just a nice fabric that matches their style, there are so many to pick from! I am an elopement photographer so I always use a dual camera harness. I never have a strap on my camera. I realized not having a camera strap is kind of an issue this fall when I was on vacation. I brought my camera but wasn’t going to walk around with my big harness on for that. I ended up just carrying it when I wanted it, but a nice strap would have been ideal.

Speaking of a camera harness, that is another great option! You know your person better than anybody, so you know if they have been longing for a dual camera harness. My personal favorite is the Rose Anvil dual harness. It is great for people with medium to long hair especially. My former harness would always get my hair stuck in it and would rip it out. Once I switched to the Rose Anvil, I lost no more hair! Seriously, there are no moving parts so there is nowhere for hair to get stuck in the hardware. Such a game changer in the camera harness world.

custom leather camera strap
custom floral print camera strap
custom leather camera strap with southwest design

Prisms and Fractal Filters

These are pretty funky and you may have no idea what your person would even do with these. Well, that is okay because they will know. Prisms and fractal filters are meant to just be creative with and have no limit to what you can do with them. These are great to bring out at any portrait session to try to get a couple unique flares or even a kaleidoscope effect with clients. These are for fun, but also are great at getting those creative juices flowing when you are feeling stuck as an artist.

fractal filters for photographers
camera accessories for photogrpahers
prisms for photogrpahers

Lights and Gels

Lights and gels are also something that is super creative and have so many possibilities. LED lights that have the broad range of color are really cool. They have the normal colors for serious use if your person needed a light at a wedding or something. Then there are all the other colors that exist to play with and get creative with.

Gels have essentially the same purpose as colorful lights. They are just meant to go over an already existing light that may not have the option to change colors. If you person already has a flash or a strobe light or anything, a gel pack might be the way to go since they can use it on what they already have. Gels are ideal for shooting in the studio or in a dark setting so those intense colors really show. Basically any situation that requires artificial light from the photographer

LED camera light
camera LED light mount
camera flash gel set


It is very possible that the photographer in your life already has what I am about to suggest to you. A camera lens coffee mug. I swear, we all have one but if they don’t already, this is a perfect little gift for them! There are a lot of camera related novelties out there including mugs, shot glasses, jewelry and clothing. There is totally a line where they start getting really cheesy, but some are really cute! Plus, you know your person better than I do, so you will know what they would like!

camera lens coffee mug
camera planters
camera lens shot glasses
photography camera necklace
photography camera tshirt
photography lens keychain

Smartphone Camera Accessories

Lenses do exist for smartphones. I currently don’t have any for my phone anymore, I have an iPhone 8 and it is not very impressive. If your person has a newer smartphone, those cameras are fantastic for a phone! Getting a little set of lenses for them to play with could be fun.

They also make little tripods, ring lights and stands for smartphones. These could be great if your person is on social media and creates content. We don’t always need our big camera to take content of ourselves. Smartphone camera accessories are a great idea for making that part of our lives a little easier.

smartphone photography lenses
smartphone photography stand
smartphone ring light

I hope these gift ideas for the photographer in your life helped with your holiday shopping this year. As I have said, you know your person better than I do. Some of these ideas may be for them and some may not. Etsy and Amazon are both great places to find all of these items and so much more. Whether they are a creative photographer, and influencer or just more techy, there is something for everyone here.

There are affiliate links in this article. I only recommend products and brands that I personally love and use for myself and business. If you are looking for more ideas on gear, check out What’s In My Bag, My Editing Setup and The Small But Necessary Gear For Photographers. All of those articles are great resources for even more gift ideas for any budget range.

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