Budget Wedding Dress Guide for 2022

Shopping for budget wedding dresses is becoming more and more popular. Many couples are choosing to elope which can mean being out in the wilderness, hiking or doing more on their wedding day that may make a mess. Buying a $3,000 dress that is going to potentially be torn or stained is just not practical. This budget wedding dress guide for 2022 is going to give you all the best places to search for a lower price wedding dress without sacrificing style.

More and more places are designing wedding dresses that aren’t 10 layers thick or an eight foot long train. Less fabric = more affordable to the consumer. Though, that doesn’t mean you have to wear a basic white dress in order to be budget conscious. Some of these gowns you will not believe they cost what you do. You will find beautiful fabrics, manageable trains and lovely designs and sleeves. Yes, beautiful sleeves because unique sleeves are so in right now!

bride and groom standing in front of a motorcycle


One of my favorite places to shop and refer people to for budget wedding dresses is Lulus. They are all greatly affordable and super on trend. Lulus is great because they have fast shipping and free returns. If you want to try on a few different styles or sizes like in a real bridal boutique, then this is a great option. Fast shipping is great for a bride with a short timeline, which is common if you decide to elope. Often times if you go to a boutique you get great quality dresses, but they are so expensive and take MONTHS to make. You will easily find a dress at Lulus for under $300 and great quality.

Lulus Lace Bell Sleeve Dress – $149

woman wearing a lace bell sleeve wedding dress holding a bouquet

Lulus Off the Shoulder Puff Sleeve Dress – $98

woman wearing puff sleeve wedding dress on beach

Lulus Satin Cowl Neck Maxi – $190

lulus satin wedding dress

Lulus Modern Long Sleeve Gown – $99

model wearing a modern long sleeve wedding gown

Lulus Halter Lace Gown with Train – $119

model wearing a lace halter wedding gown

Lulus lace up Gown with Cape Train – $229

woman wearing a budget friendly wedding dress

Lulus Floral Embellished Gown – $300

woman wearing a budget friendly wedding dress


Amazon is a great source for buying budget wedding dresses. Amazon tends to get a lot of reviews so that is great place to check for true quality and what other people think. It can be a hi or miss with shipping though. If a product does not have prime, especially a wedding dress, it way come from overseas and take longer. Usually you can tell if they are making it from scratch or if they have stock. If they already have stock and it is not a custom size, then it shouldn’t be too long. Another thing to check when dress shopping on Amazon is return policies. Every seller, especially if they do not offer prime, is different and may not accept returns. There are a lot of great options though, even one seller who makes dresses that look almost like Rue De Seine gowns!

Bohemian Wedding Dress with Detachable Arm Bands – under $250

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

Embroidered Long Sleeve Mermaid Gown – under $250

avril wedding gown

White Lace Wedding Dress With Long Train– under $150

lace wedding dress

Bohemian Wedding Dress Short Sleeve V Neck  – under $120

13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250

A-Line V Neck Tulle Gown – Under $150

woman wearing a budget friendly wedding dress

Boho Bell Sleeve Lace Gown – under $200

model wearing a boho bell sleeve wedding gown


ASOS is another great option for finding a budget wedding dress. They tend to have tons of options that are a little more modern or edgy. A little different from the more traditional styles that you would find on Amazon or a bridal boutique. ASOS is similar to Lulus with free returns, but sometimes their shipping can take a little longer, like a week or two. They have a great section for reviews where they ask buyers about the fit and quality. ASOS tends to have a lot of their style in a plus size option which is a huge plus. Their prices are going to be a little higher than Lulus, but not much would be over $500.

ASOS Floral Embroidered Long Sleeve Gown – $320

model wearing an embroidered long sleeve wedding gown

ASOS Sequin Embellished Long Sleeve Dress – $320

woman wearing a long sleeve sequin wedding gown

ASOS Peach Embroidered Gown – $245

woman in a peach embroidered wedding gown

ASOS Off the Shoulder Puff Sleeve Mini Dress – $140

model wearing a mini off the shoulder wedding dress

ASOS Off the Shoulder Satin Gown – $420

woman wearing a budget friendly wedding dress

ASOS Embroidered Off the Shoulder Gown – $495

woman wearing a budget friendly wedding dress


As most of you probably know, Etsy is a gold mine. Etsy is a little different than the previously listed stores to browse since they will have prices varying to super cheap, and also thousands and thousands of dollars. One thing to look for when dress shopping on Etsy is a shops reviews, not only for what you are buying, and their sales. If they have a bunch of $200 dresses listed and they look great, but don’t have reviews or sales, I would be a bit concerned. If you go on their profile and all the photos for their products look the same then you know they took these images. The reason you want that is because you know they have actually made the item and aren’t just grabbing a photo from a designer and claiming they can remake it for cheap. I have listed a few here in the $300-$500 range to let you see a few unique styles that are in a more budget friendly price.

White Embroidered Off The Shoulder Gown – $300

bride and groom walking together with arms around each other

Long Sleeve Polka Dot Gown – $380

bride walking up stairs in a polka dot long sleeve wedding dress

Puff Sleeve Midi Wedding Gown – $300

woman in puff sleeve midi wedding dress

Floral Embroidered Sleeveless Dress – $490

woman in embroidered sleeveless wedding dress

A-Line Gown With Pearl Embellishment – $500

A-line pearl wedding dress on a mannequin

Off White Floral Embroidered Gown – $530

woman in blush embroidered wedding dress

A-Line Deep V Tulle Gown – $470

a line tulle dress on mannequin

This updated Budget Wedding Dress Guide for 2022 has everything you need to start your dress hunt. Secondhand sites such as Still White are other great options when trying to stay under a certain budget with your dress. Used wedding dresses are usually in great shape and were only worn once. This is a great idea if you are looking at any designer dress but want it for a little cheaper. On a secondhand website the seller will disclose any imperfections and if they do not you are protected by the websites themselves if it arrives not as described.

Bridal sizing does run way smaller than “street sizing” so if you do buy a used designer dress, I would look at the designers size chart first. If you buy a budget or used wedding dress from one of the places I have listed I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below. I love finding new gems, so if I have missed any great shops in this Budget Wedding Dress Shopping Guide for 2022 I would also love to hear about them. Happy planning!

This article contains affiliate links. I only recommend products and brands that I personally love and use for myself and business.

budget wedding dress guide for 2022

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