Elopements + Intimate Weddings

Two Hour Packages starting at $1000

If your dream wedding is to go off to an epic location, say your vows at a venue in your hometown, or even cover your parents back yard in lights and dance all night long, I will be with you helping as much as you want. As someone who has eloped, I relied on my photographers a lot to pick the location in the city we wanted to go to, they even suggested a new spot the day of for our first look and it was amazing! Helping with location, time of year, and time of day is what I am here for, I am your photographer and your guide!

That “just engaged” feeling is one of the best feelings you will experience, except for that “just married” feeling of course!

Engagement photoshoots are one of my favorite because it is a stress-freetime that you can be creative and spontaneous about where you want to go and what you want to do. We can do whatever you two are up for, go to a rad location out of town, the first place you met or went on a date, a coffee shop,or even a walk through your neighborhood!

Whatever you guy come up with, I will follow you around, sometimes getting your bubble, and make sure we have a great time getting to know each other a little better!


One hour packages starting at $300


One hour packages starting at $300

Expecting a child is a very exciting and sometimes nerve racking time of your life! If it is your first child, this is the last time it is just you and your partner together before you add on to your family. Even if it is your fifth child, it is still a huge step in your life that deserves documenting and remembering forever!

Newborn session are also something you may want to think about. And no, I do not mean putting your baby under some lights in a basket, holding a prop while they sleep. I mean a documentation of your little one while they are the tiniest things, and you are still getting the hang of things. Don't worry, I will send you all the info for this when you reach out to me!

Thinking about taking photos with your little ones can seem like an impossible task or like it will just be so stressful. Sometimes that can be true, I am not going to lie, but never will an entire session feel that way I promise guys!

Kiddos can be unpredictable, but we will have a good time walking around with them playing, tickling, kissing, kicking dirt, whatever makes them happy! It is not all about them though, right? No! you are paying for it, so you need to be happy too. I promise that even though you will be worrying about what everyone is doing, looking at, saying, or picking at in each photo, we are going to create great memories and photos with you and your family!


One hour packages starting at $300

Anniversaries + Just Because!

One hour packages starting at $300

You do not always need to be getting married or having a kid to do a photoshoot with the person you love, so do not be shy about contacting me! Whether you have been dating for six months, or married for 15 years, there is always something exciting about getting together and going on a little photo adventure with just the two of you, and me of course!

If you have a spot in mind, or literally have no idea where you guys want to go, I am always here to help you plan your perfect adventure and find a rad location!