If you don't already know me, I am Crystal Cousin! I am an elopement and portrait photographer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Photography has been my career for a decade, and I have been working solely for myself since 2018.

When my husband and I quit our jobs back home in Florida and moved out to New Mexico we knew nobody. I was starting my business over 100% fresh with no friends, family, or past clients out here. Building a business is hard, whether or not you have friends and family as clientele to start with.

After years of growing my business, degrees in both Photography and Business Administration, and continuing to take numerous courses to continue my education; I want to help you! Whether you are brand new to the industry, or are struggling with a certain part of your business, I am here to share my knowledge with you.

Hey, I'm Crystal


Topics we can go over (but not limited to):

-Social media
-The booking process
-Client communication
-Automating emails + workflow
-Website design/review
-Software (that I use)
-Attracting dream clients
-Location scouting
-Planning elopements
-Elopement and intimate wedding timelines
-Posing your couples
-Leave no trace (LNT) ethics
-Being inclusive from start to finish
-Being prepared for shoots + elopements
-Gallery delivery 

PRICING - $800 - 2 hour in person meeting

Let's meet up at a coffee shop or brewery in the Albuquerque or Rio Rancho area and chat for 2 hours. We will go through my process and I will answer any questions you have. We will go over any specific areas of your business that you want to dive deeper into. There are no limits!

We will go through my process and you can pick my brain about... ANYTHING!

1-on-1 Session

-2 hour in person meeting to go over my process. Includes everything described in 1-on-1 Session above.

-1 hour photo shoot session with a couple. We will meet 30 minutes before our couple arrives to go over my process for shoots and any technical questions you may have. I shoot with Canon R6 mirrorless bodies on Manual saving RAW on both SD cards with a dual camera harness. You do not need the same gear.
-This session is NOT a camera basics session. 

-2 hour session going through my editing process and answer any questions you have for editing your images. We will go through Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, and Pic-Time. Your software and programs do not need to be exactly the same.
-This is NOT a Lightroom basics session or editing style session.

(3 Session Itinerary can be split up between 1-3 days)

PRICING - $2000 - 3 IN Person Sessions

You get everything listed above in the 1-on-1 Session. Then we will go out and shoot with a real couple to practice posing techniques and get you more comfortable behind the camera. We will finish off this 1-3 day mentorship with editing the photos you took and preparing them for delivery. 

Three session mentorship where I take you through everything hands on.

1-on-1 Session + Shoot

PRICING - $700- 2 hour in person meeting

Let's meet up and go over all of the basic tools and features of the most recent version of Adobe Lightroom. If you have any specific struggles with LR we can focus on that. Photoshop can also be touched on if that program is something you would like help with too! I use a PC, but if you have a Mac that is no problem. 

Lightroom Basics Session

PRICING - $700- 2 hour in person meeting

Want to learn how to shoot on Manual mode? Let's meet up and go over all of your camera functions together. We will cover ISO, shutter speed and aperture/f-stop. After this 2 hour session you will have the knowledge to go forward and practice shooting manual until you know it like the back of your hand.

Camera Basics Session

Beginner Sessions

Let's do this!

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