Must See Etsy Wedding Dresses

Online wedding dress shopping might sound scary, but it isn’t! As an Etsy bride myself, I can tell you you won’t regret buying online as long as you do your research on shops. Good Etsy dress designers are easy to find among all of the shops on there. Ratings and sales can help with determining the quality of the dress and customer service. Many Etsy sellers go off of your custom measurements and are great at communicating to make sure you get exactly what you want. Here are just a few must see Etsy wedding dresses and designers.

bride twirling in wedding dress in Sedona

Sweet Caroline Styles

I said I was an Etsy bride myself. Sweet Caroline Styles is where I found my beautiful skirt! I ended up picking it last minute so I was glad I could find one ready to ship in my size that was a sample sale. Many Esty designers will have “sample sales” for the dresses that they made for the photos. This is a great way to get a little bit of a discount on a perfectly new dress.

WOW Bridal Dress

If you are looking for something classic but modern, this might be the shop for you! I love all of the designs in this shop including puff sleeves and unique short wedding dresses. The fabrics all look like amazing quality so your dress will hold up on your wedding day and look stunning.

Bride in black wedding dress in Albuquerque

Flutter Dresses

Flutter Dresses are a little different. If you are looking for something with a different color, pattern or texture, this might be the shop for you. Shipping is very fast with this shop so you won’t have to wait months to receive something.

Stylish Bride Accs

I am honestly so obsessed with this shop. Her black wedding dress line in incredible and her prices are truly affordable. I love me some black lace, but her white dresses are stunning as well. This shop will truly inspire you for your wedding day and can help your dreams come true!

bride and groom looking at each other
Bride in white velvet and lace wedding dress

Miri Bridal

I have worked with this designer a few times and not only is she super talented, but she is so sweet. She is always up for customization and works so fast for her clients. Her dresses are truly unique if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Mywony Bridal

These dress designs are so feminine and delicate. I think the fabric looks so beautiful and is really unique. These designs are also so modern, but still not something you see every day. They also have a lot of blush options to pick from if white or ivory is not your style.

Vastoliya Bride

These dresses are so beautiful and feminine. This shop has a great selection for unique sleeve types like bell and puff sleeves that are becoming so popular. This is a newer shop since they don’t have thousands of sales like some others, but their reviews tell it all. They are beautiful and great quality!

bride and groom holing each other on the Sandia Mountain foothills in Albuquerque

I hope these must see Etsy wedding dresses inspired you for your bridal shopping! I am so happy with my Etsy wedding dress. One important thing to do when bridal shopping online is to check customer reviews. Shops with great reviews and customer images are way more trustworthy. A whop owner that is responsive to questions is also a great sign.

If you are on a budget looking for a dress, a goof place to look for a nice designer gown with a discount is Still White where brides sell their used designer wedding dresses, including Etsy designers! I would love to hear about what Etsy designers your love. Drop your favorite shops below in the comments. Happy planning!

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