10 Lulus Wedding Dresses under $100

More and more brides are opting for a more affordable alternative for their wedding dresses whether it be an online bridal boutique, a shop on etsy, or a clothing store with trendy maxi dresses such as Lulus. All of these alternative options are also really great for brides who do not want to go with a traditional white dress, but something with a more unique color or style. That is a topic for a different day though! Check out these 10 Lulus Wedding Dresses Under $100 to start your budget wedding dress shopping.

1 – Lulus Lace Long Sleeve Maxi Dress – $86

This long sleeve lace dress is one that I have seen in person and shot with before for an elopement (as shown above). See more from that elopement here. The lace is so gorgeous and high quality for the price, and the open back is very unique. This dress even comes in several other colors that could be used for a bride wanting to try something different, or even bridesmaids dresses!

lulus white lace long sleeve weddings dress

2 – Lulus White Lace Maxi Dress with Train – $98

This dress is one from the “bridal” section on Lulus and it is such a stunner. If you are looking for an affordable wedding dress but don’t want to miss out on having a train, you don’t have to! This style is so elegant and the lace is very unique. There seems to be a nude lining throughout the entire dress which makes it a little more interesting than if it were solid white. I think it would look stunning with a flower crown or veil to go along with it!

10 Lulus Wedding Dresses Under $100

3 – Lulus Lace Long Sleeve Jumpsuit – $34

The original price for this jumpsuit is $74 but is currently on sale for $34. Jumpsuits as an alternative for a wedding gown are becoming more and more popular among brides.  I love that this is a full lace long sleeve jumpsuit and is ivory vs white, I think the color makes this lace look a lot more elegant that if it were a bright white. It looks like it is very well put together and is certainly a showstopper. 

Lace Lulus Wedding Jumpsuit Under $100

4 – Lulus Two Piece White Maxi Dress – $99

Another new trend among brides is two piece sets, I actually wore a skirt and shirt at my wedding! I love the idea of being able to pick a shirt and a skirt that is uniquely you, but here you can get a 2-piece set that already has matching colors. I was nervous when I bought my wedding set from two different sellers because I did not know if the whites would be dramatically different! Luckily it worked out for me because the skirt came 1 week before we got married so there was no going back.

Two Piece Lulus Wedding Dress Under $100

5 – Lulus Off the Shoulder Dress – $95

This flowy off the shoulder dress is something I can get on board with. I love that to top has lace details that really bring the whole style to life. The skirt itself looks like it would be great for some epic shots on a windy day! It also looks like it is a nice long length to give the illusion of having a small train if it does not actually have one. This dress also comes in two other pastel colors that could be used as bridesmaid dresses instead. 

10 Lulus Wedding Dresses Under $100

6 – Lulus Halter Maxi Dress – $72

I cannot decide if this style is giving off a more beach or desert vibe, either way the style is something that is pretty unique for a wedding dress. I love how delicate the embroidery on top is and I think this would go so well with a romantic pastel color pallet for your wedding day. It is also something that is more simple in style and texture for the bride that does not want to go too out of the box with her dress.

10 Lulus Wedding Dresses Under $100

7 – Lulus High Neck Lace Long Sleeve Dress – $82

I am pretty obsessed with long sleeved wedding dresses in general, but I am loving this high neck to go along with it. This style would be great for a fall or winter wedding, but it also has a slit so it does not seem like it would be too much to make you sweat on your wedding day. I am really liking the headpiece the model is wearing with this, but I am just picturing a hat going along with this so well. 

Boho Lulus Wedding Dress

8 – Lulus High Neck Short Sleeve Lace Dress – $95

This one is similar to the two piece dress above but for a totally different bride. I love the eyelash lace details around the neck and shoulders that make this style so feminine. It looks like there is a nude colored lining on the top area so the color of that, as there is only one option, may be something to keep in mind if you are considering this dress. 

10 Lulus Wedding Dresses Under $100

9 – Lulus White Lace Strapless Dress – $89

As you probably already know, this is a very classic wedding dress style with a sweetheart neckline, but at an affordable price! I think that it would look amazing with a floor length veil to give the illusion of having a train. There are also a couple more dresses with this style on Lulus but for a little more money, still under $200 though which is much more affordable than what you would find at your local boutique with designer dresses. 

Lulus Wedding Dresses Under $100

10 – Lulus Strapless Lace Jumpsuit – $88

This jumpsuit is probably one of my favorites on here, I am obsessed with the unique neckline. I love the shoe and hat combo that is featured in the main image, and really gives off a Lady Gaga vibe! I think this could even be put together with a patterned (or white) blazer to make it even more unique! I like how the pants are supposed to be pretty loose all the way down so as long as you get a size that fits up top, it should fit all around. 

Lulus Wedding Jumpsuit for Under $100

I hope that these 10 Lulus Wedding Dresses Under $100 were helpful for you and inspires you to try out different affordable styles of dresses (or jumpsuits) for you wedding day!  A designer wedding dress is not a top priority for every bride, and that is totally okay. You get to decide what is important to you as a couple, so budget shopping for the things that are not as important can help give you more wiggle room to put towards something else.

Check out my blog 13 Amazon Wedding Dresses under $250 for more affordable wedding dress ideas! Keep an eye out for more inspiration and tips for your wedding, happy planning!

bride holding her bouquet in the desert

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