Bringing Your Dog To Your Photo Shoot

If you are getting photos done and you don’t want to leave your furry buddy behind, you don’t have to! Shooting a couples vs shooting a couple with their dog is very different. Communicating and being prepared is mostly the difference. Here are some tips for bringing your dog to your photo shoot that will help everything run smoothly for you and your photographer. These tips can apply to bringing your dog to your elopement too!

family and dog walking through the desert

Bring a friend along.

Bringing someone can help in a few different ways. Having someone to hold the leash when your dog is not in the photos is so helpful. If you have to tie them to something or rely on the photographer to hold them while taking photos, it could get difficult.

Having a friend to help with getting the dog to look a certain way is also so helpful! If your dog ends up just looking at all the distractions, you may end up with a lot of photos of the back of your pups head.

Lastly, a friend is helpful for carrying anything you may have. If you are bringing your dog to your elopement or shoot, you will have more to carry when walking. Sometimes there are great in between moments to capture when walking from spot to spot. When you are carrying a bunch of stuff it is not as pretty. An extra hand can never hurt!

couple playing with their dog on a mountain
couple holding their dong on a mountain - tips for bringing your dog to your photo shoot

Be prepared.

Bringing doggy bags, treats and water might easily be forgotten because it is just a photo shoot. Depending on where you are located and what time of year it is, your pup could get thirsty! Check out these portable dog water bottles that are great for shoots, hiking and your walks. Here in the desert it is so hot during the summer, even for a one hour photo shoot we all will need some water. Especially if you are eloping and will be out for a few hours, be prepared for yourself and them.

Some pups get distracted easily so treats or even a toy could make them listen better when trying to have them sit or stay. On the other hand, some dogs get very serious an attentive when they see a treat or toy. So if that serious face just too goofy, it may not be the best way to get genuine photos. You know your dog the best, so if clapping or making noises will get their attention let your photographer know.

tips for bringing your dog to your photo shoot

Consider your location.

Some places do not allow dogs. Many do not allow dogs off leash. My dogs are in no way good enough to ever be off leash. I know so many of you have the opposite luck, and I am so jealous! Considering where you are going to be is so important.

If your location does allow dogs off leash that is great! There will be no messy leashes in the photos. On the other hand, if you are not blessed with a well behaved dog, try to bring the least distracting leash you can. Preferably something black or neutral that allows you to keep your dog close is best. The leashes that extend really far give you less control. You want to keep your dog close to you for these photos.

Let your photographer know ahead of time.

It may sound obvious, but giving your photographer a heads up goes a long way. Some people have bad past experiences with dogs; you just never know. If you end up surprising them with one it could throw them off and it could be uncomfortable.

Asking your photographer about bringing your dog along will prepare them. Not only for photos to take, but they can give you their best advice for it to go smoothly. I tell all of my couples these tips for bringing their dog to our photo shoot. If you have a wild dog but cannot bring someone to help hang, I try to bring someone myself. Having to hold onto an 80 lb. dog while taking photos that wants to drag me across a park is a disaster waiting to happen! If nobody can come to assist, it is what it is. Just be ready to hold your dog, we will always work with what we’ve got.

couple playing with dog by the river - tips for bringing your dog to your photo shoot

I hope these tips for bringing your dog to your photo shoot or elopement helped ease your mind! Some dogs are better suited for photo shoots than others, so don’t get discouraged if yours is a little wild. As long as all of you are having fun you will have photos to look back on forever!

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