Planning Your Proposal

Planning your proposal can be a little scary or nerve racking! There are so many factors to consider whether you want it to be super simple or very planned out. Keeping a secret from your partner can be really hard to, but this one is worth it!

I have never proposed to someone as my husband was the one who proposed to me. But I work with couples all the time and hear so many unique and special proposal stories. Here are some tips for planning your proposal that might help ease your experience and make it super special.

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Do you want to do it yourself or together?

This is a simple one. Some couples want to plan it together in a way. If you want to pick out ring(s) together that is totally fine. Once you both feel the time or setting is right then you can propose or both of you can. I had a couple once who did just that. They were out by the river one day and both felt like it was a good time to get engaged, so they did.

Communicating with your partner is key. You two have probably discussed getting married by now, so if you feel like they would like to do it with you, just ask. There is no ruining a surprise by communicating. If they know it is coming but want to be surprised, they still will be!

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How big do you want it to be?

You want your proposal to be special for the two of you. If he or she is more introverted, something big and flashy might not be the ideal move. On the other hand, if the both of you are more extraverted, it might be okay to do something more extreme or in a crowd.

As for planning it, you don’t want to get overwhelmed and stressed about it. So if planning something big on your own for the two of you is stressful, don’t do it! You want this to be something you both will remember and look back on as the second best day of your lives. Though, it is your proposal, so you will remember it forever no matter what you do. It is okay to be nervous, but not feel too overwhelmed or stressed; that isn’t a feeling you want to remember.

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What would make it unique to your relationship?

Every couple has their special or favorite things/places. If there is a location such as where you met or your first date spot, that could be a great option for proposing. Even if it is a coffee shop or something silly like a random parking lot, if it is special to you both, it will be perfect. It doesn’t have to be Disney World to be special.

Places are not the only options to consider; experiences are great too! If the two of you love hiking, exploring new places or climbing, consider doing an activity somewhere new together. This is a great way to keep it secret because it is normal for you to do that together, so they will never suspect it!

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Do you want it professionally photographed?

Having your proposal photographed is something to consider. You may or may not care, but would your partner want it? There are a few ways to go about this. First, you could hire a photographer to secretly do this for you. Ideally you would want it to be done somewhere more crowded or trafficked so your partner would just think the photographer is a tourist taking photos. If you went on a hike for instance and there was a photographer hiding behind a tree, that is a little more obvious.

Another way to go about this is to recommend setting up a photo shoot together. You could say that you found this photographer and really like their work, or that there is this really cool spot that would be awesome for photos. At some point you and the photographer would plan to have your partner face away while you get down on one knee behind them. If you already have a photo shoot planned, you will both already be dressed and ready for having photos taken too. It would be a couples shoot, turned proposal, turned engagement shoot!

One last tip for having your proposal photographed is to communicate with your photographer. If it is a secret, make sure you both know what each other is wearing so you can spot each other. Also, make sure you have a code for when you are about to propose such as taking a selfie with your partner first. If you plan a photo shoot, you still need to communicate with your photographer. They will have a certain pose (that is obvious to you) that they will get you in for the proposal.

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Do you need ALL the help?

Planning a proposal is not for everyone. If you feel you need a little guidance whether it is going to be big or simple, there are resources. Believe it or not, there are proposal planners! You can always reach out to one and see what they can do to help. They will have questions for you about the two of you and your relationship to make it an unique and special to you as possible. Marry Me Sweetly is one based in Albuquerque, but you don’t need to be in the area for her services!

Photographers, as we already talked about, are another great resource for planning your proposal. Not only can we capture your day, but we can help you figure out what would be best. We are around couples A LOT and getting to know them is what we already do. Getting to know the two of you is a great way to figure out a few ideas for proposing.

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I hope the tips for planning your proposal helped and eased some nerves! A proposal can be as extravagant or as simple as you want it to be. The important part is that is reflects you and your relationship. This will be the second best day of your lives, so don’t stress about it.

I would love to hear all about your proposal! Drop a comment below and tell me the story and let me know if any of these tips helped you!

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