What to Wear for your Photo Shoot

When setting up a photo shoot there are many things to decide on, what photographer to use, the location you want to shoot at, and of course, what you should wear! There is no one answer for this final decision, but there are some factors that you should consider when picking out clothes for you and your babe. I hope my photo shoot outfit guide will help you be confident in your outfit choices!

The number one “rule” for choosing an outfit is that you do not need to match, but coordinate! I will go in more detail below about colors and textures but choose a color scheme that goes together. You do not need to wear solid white t-shirts and jeans (please do not do that to me!). 

There are a couple places that you can find affordable and trendy outfit options such as Lulus or Amazon.


First off, you want to be comfortable, so don’t think that you need to go to extreme lengths to find the perfect dress to wear. What is in your closet is fine because that is YOU! 

If you are not a girl who likes to wear dresses, then don’t wear a dress, it will feel odd and the photos won’t look like “you”. If you are a guy who hates dress shoes and tucking in your shirt, then don’t do it! Vans and a t-shirt can look just as nice.

And of course, ladies, if you do not wear heels, don’t torture yourself and buy heels for your photo shoot! Block heels are a lot easier to walk around in, but again, if that is not your style then don’t do it.


There are a lot of colors to think about, the color(s) of the location, your clothes, and even skin tone. 

Muted colors are always a great choice compared to bright colors or neon’s. These photos are about you, and if you wear a bright yellow shirt, that is going to take away from the real focus. Instead of yellow maybe go with mustard, instead of red go with maroon, instead of lime green try a forest or olive green. 

If your location, for example, is at the red rocks, a no-no would be to wear bright warm colors! Choose complementary colors to the landscape. Blue and green really does well against a backdrop with red rocks. That is not to say a deep red would be bad if you like red/orange, maybe a maroon or rust bottom and a black top for one person. 

Skin tone and hair color is something important to think about too. If you are very pale with light blonde hair, pastel colors could wash you out in photos. If you have darker skin and hair, an outfit that is primarily dark could blend into your tone. Luckily, colors that complement your skin tone are probably what your closet is full of!

boy whispering in fiances ear in a red rock canyon


Textures are so good! But be careful not to go overboard. A mix of solids and textures (with colors that compliment each other) for your photos is a great way to coordinate your outfits. 

For example, if one of you likes dresses than maybe a maxi dress with a floral pattern for you, and a lightly patterned button down and solid pants for the other. If you decide to wear a solid maxi dress, no problem, your partner should try to wear a top that has a bolder pattern like a plaid or paisley print so you are not too color blocked.

An example of too much texture would be something like one person wearing a loud paisley top and the other with a similarly loud floral print top.  Too much pattern going on can bring the focus to your outfits rather than you. 


If you both are going to be wearing outfits with little or no patterns, accessories can really finish off your outfit. Wearing jewelry, a hat, a tie, or suspenders is a great way to break up solids. 

Even if you are not wearing solids, accessories can really finish off any outfit. 

Keep in mind that accessories can get in the way sometimes. If you have a bracelet or necklace that tends to turn around on it’s own, it may not be the best choice. If you wear a hat with a brim it can stop you from getting in real close to each other, so make sure that your hair underneath is okay if we want to take the hat off for a few pictures. 

husband and wife holding hand about to kiss

As I said before, there is no correct answer for what you should wear for your photo shoot; please do not think you need to follow along word for word on these tips. Whatever you are comfortable in is best, and remember to coordinate, not match!

I am always available if you have any questions or concerns about your outfit choice. I am also here to give you my opinion on what you have picked out before our session!

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